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John R. Hatfield.

The past cannot be changed, tomorrow can.

Opinions don’t define your reality.

Everyone’s journey is different.

Be honest.

Love conquers hate.

Choose your friends wisely, you become like them.

Stop judging and condemning.

Be true to yourself.

Let it go.

Change starts first with you.

Seek to understand.

Happiness is found within.

Smiles are contagious

Be responsible.

Own your shit and stop blaming or making excuses.

Forgive, don’t hold a grudge.

You only fail if you quit.

Pain can create beauty.

What you sow you will reap.

Trust takes years to build and seconds to destroy.

Don’t quit until the job is done.

Learn to lead yourself. 

Our calling is to come alongside you, shoulder-to-shoulder, heart-to-heart, and help you master yourself, enter your fear arenas professionally, personally, and relationally calling out your BRAVE and strengthen you to embody certain brave ass virtues needed to persevere life’s adversities.

John R. Hatfield

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