If You Aim At Nothing, You Hit It Every Time

December 16, 2019 John R. Hatfield 0 Comments

John R. Hatfield.

Do you live life from a place of default or a place of design?

To be purposeful in your daily and life decisions.
To be intentional in setting a direction.
Like throwing darts, you take aim to hit the BULLSEYE

Many men DRIFT, they are directionless. They have no aim in what they are shooting for in their personal, relational, and professional lives. Many times, fear and procrastination rule their daily, weekly, and yearly lives and they become stagnate and boring. Aiming involves setting daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals and then being responsible and accountable for achieving them.

This past year I had an aim to hike The Narrows in Mount Zion and did it in October! It was phenomenal!

When I was in my thirties my aim was getting a master’s degree.

I accomplished it at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln!

Our calling is to come alongside you, shoulder-to-shoulder, heart-to-heart, and help you master yourself, enter your fear arenas professionally, personally, and relationally calling out your BRAVE and strengthen you to embody certain brave ass virtues needed to persevere life’s adversities.

John R. Hatfield

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