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Finding Your Courage In Everyday Life | Real Life Superman


John R. Hatfield

The things that hurt, instruct
Benjamin Franklin

Bad ass virtues represent those virtues we as men need to embrace, forge into our lives, honor, and replicate in younger men as well as sharpen each other with. These are the virtues that require the crucible for refining the dross, purifying strength, courage, confidence, resilience, and depth of character. This is what makes them bad ass because they will break us and reshape us on the anvil. They will never be easy to conquer but conquer we must. We must awaken these lost masculine virtues in each one of us and become them allowing them to define us. They give definition to our masculinity a frame, a reference, a routine, a map of true manhood north unleashing our masculine power.



“There are two ways of meeting difficulties: You alter the difficulties, or you alter yourself to meet them” Phyllis Bottome. Courage will always be a choice to alter yourself, a decision to be bold and kick fear between the legs. Being courageous is resisting fear, staring fear in the eye and calling out courage in its midst, extinguishing its stronghold. We must rise up to difficulties because they are a part of life, there is no way around this truth. Courage is in everyone, trust me it is there, you just need to call it out. The more you call it out and let it rule, the more you build this muscle becoming braver and more courage skilled. Courage must be brought to the struggle; it honors the struggle. Courage is required in every facet of our being, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and relationally. Men who demonstrate this BAD ASS VIRTUE, stop being cowards and become men of valor for themselves and others.”

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