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John R. Hatfield

The things that hurt, instruct
Benjamin Franklin

Bad ass virtues represent those virtues we as men need to embrace, forge into our lives, honor, and replicate in younger men as well as sharpen each other with. These are the virtues that require the crucible for refining the dross, purifying strength, courage, confidence, resilience, and depth of character. This is what makes them bad ass because they will break us and reshape us on the anvil. They will never be easy to conquer but conquer we must. We must awaken these lost masculine virtues in each one of us and become them allowing them to define us. They give definition to our masculinity a frame, a reference, a routine, a map of true manhood north unleashing our masculine power.

Brutal Honesty Vs. Speaking Your Truth With Compassion | Dr. Jonice Webb



Honesty is the number one virtue people desire in their leader, hands down. You must first be honest with yourself, and then with others. Honesty is the number one component to building trust. The wolf pack that runs counter to honesty is deception, lying, defrauding, half-truths, pretending, and betrayal. Where you find one, you find the others. Honesty is being true to your word; it is fulfilling what you promised. When you are honest you are one, congruent with yourself and your values. We must hold the line on integrity, on honesty because few do, they compromise. It starts with each of us. Our culture is so riddled with dishonesty, it’s a travesty to all. Many times, we lie to ourselves and then we actually believe the lie and it is destructive. When we have done something wrong, which happens more than we are willing to admit, we want to shift the heat onto someone else. Our self-image is fragile, and we can’t take what others would say or think about our mistake so we half-truth lie. That’s being dishonest and people abhor this. Being honest may be embarrassing, painful, and tough but the end result will be respect. Men who demonstrate this BAD ASS VIRTUE, find freedom and self-respect.

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