Don’t Tap Out

June 8, 2021 John Hatfield 0 Comments

John R. Hatfield

Be Resilient!

Life will be a bitch. Hardships and struggle are the norm for everyone because life is not fair. Yes, pain, suffering, heart ache, and brokenness will enter your life. We all get knocked on our ass, sucker punched, personally, with our family, in significant relationships, and in our workplace. I guarantee it, if you don’t think so, hide and wait. “The world breaks everyone and afterwards many our strong at the   broken places,” Hemingway. We must never let these knockdowns keep us down. We must choose to not detach. We must stand back up, get our legs under us, clear our head and emotions and then get into position to fight again. Staying down demoralizes us, depresses us, makes us cowards, and opens the door to all kinds of addictive behavior. We must enter the wilderness because it is there, we become resilient as we learn and overcome the brokenness into men of valor. Our scars become our source of experiential strength. The crucible forges deep strength on its anvil. This deep virtue of overcoming, not giving up, self-control, being able to weep, persevering through the dark night creates a man with deep powerful character traits.When suffering, pain, shattering, and the hardships of life happen, some are defeated and discouraged but the resilient become strong in the face of adversity.” Hatfield. We arise anew. Men who demonstrate this BAD ASS VIRTUE, allow the things that hurt to forge strength and confidence.


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