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Face Your Fear

John R. Hatfield


“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Nelson Mandela

FEAR Defined

An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. “he is prey to irrational fears.”


Sometimes fear stems from real threats, but it can also originate from imagined dangers.

Fear can also be a symptom of some mental health conditions including panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Healthy fear is protecting us from danger that could cause pain and harm physically, emotionally, or psychologically. It alerts us to the presence of danger or the threat of harm.


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FEAR Causes you to FIGHT or FLIGHT or FREEZE where the body prepares itself to enter combat, run away, or shut down.


  1. Sweating
  2. Increased heart rate
  3. High adrenaline levels making you extremely alert

Of course, there is the fear of heights, darkness, speaking in front of people, flying, water, needles, snakes, spiders and whatever lurks under that bed!

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  1. FEAR of Failure
  1. FEAR of the Unknown
  1. FEAR of Change
  1. FEAR of Death
  1. FEAR of Rejection

(FEAR of people’s opinion, judgement, slander, labeling, and losing respect.)

  1. FEAR of Abandonment
  1. FEAR of the LOSS of CONTROL
  1. FEAR of being ALONE.
  1.  FEAR MY LIFE has no purpose, no meaning, no impact.

Name TWO of your FEAR’s and let’s try to understand them. In doing this it helps to break fear strongholds



Feel the Fear • Order of Man

Where Did This FEAR Come From?

(trace it to its beginning)

Thoughtful reflection causes you to look eye to eye into things you don’t like about yourself or not like to admit.

Accept the FEAR…move into it, not away from it. Acknowledge it and now become intimate with it, become a friend with it.

Acknowledging the power starts the process of diffusing its power and channeling it in a better direction.

Courage calls you to be brutely honest with the why/the reason of your fear

“Courage is the resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”

Mark Twain

What are the Consequences or sabotaging behaviors of being fear dominated?




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Controlling your FEAR

(You are not at the mercy of your emotional fear)

How do you give your fear power?

  • Identify your self-talk, your self-visualization, your negative rehearsal in your mind and actions with your fear.  
  • What is the voice inside you telling you? 
  • What narrative do you keep rerunning in your mind and emotions? 
  • This is the place where you give fear power.

Acknowledging the power starts the process of diffusing the power and channeling it in a better direction. Most fears are real.

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“You must find your way through the fear, you can’t circumvent it. Walk into it to be able to walk away from it.”

John R. Hatfield

You must learn to have a disciplined mindset, calling out self-control over the emotion and choose to re-channel the fear. You are responsible to take charge and redirect.

Visualization techniques helps you control and embrace it. This is what you need to rehearse in your mind in a positive, healthy, courageous way.

Do not allow thoughts of failure or defeat or feelings of helplessness dictate your behavior or actions.

“Fear has its use, but cowardice has none.”

Mahatma Gandhi

You must leave your comfort zone to change. If you’re afraid of speaking or conversing with people you must put yourself in that situation to push through it, change, and gain confidence.

Yes, it’s a new, strange, unfamiliar place that needs to become a new norm.

The Shell Must Break by Ember572 on DeviantArt

Remember failure is always a part of being successful. It won’t be perfect the first several times but you’re in the game learning, refining, changing, and gaining confidence.

Maintain focus and control over the fear emotion. You control it. Speak to it.

5 Steps to Overcome Fear — The Tools

He who has truly overcome his fears will truly be free.”



What did you learn?

How can you put into action these truths?

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