Leadership FIRST starts with knowing how to LEAD yourself

December 9, 2019 John Hatfield 0 Comments

John R. Hatfield

The genesis of leadership begins with figuring out what it means and what it looks like to first and foremost lead yourself.

If you don’t know how to lead yourself, why would anyone want to follow you?

Men follow men whose lives reflect a personal compass of true north daily decisions rooted in understanding and living out their purpose and design. You might be able to fool some for a while but it’s just a matter of time before guys realize your not headed NORTH and they are following the wrong leader headed SOUTH!

You determine and execute your DAILY LEADERSHIP RITUAL

So, what do you do daily to lead yourself? Ever thought about that? To lead means, to guide on a way, along a way, especially by going in advance. To direct on a course or in a direction.

In respect to first learning how to lead yourself then you need to figure out how to guide and direct your way, your life course.

The reality is, who you are becoming is a reflection of your daily decisions and priorities. You must own, take responsibility for your daily decisions and priorities.

From the moment you wake up until the moment you hit the pillow you and only you are responsible for leading you. You control your calendar, your time, your decisions, your values, your character, your mission, your purpose, and your relationships. Your leadership brings these to fruition in your life which then influences those you are responsible for leading. You become a better, wiser man for others to emulate, follow, and become!

For me, the first thing I do when I rise is shower and make my bed, then spend some personal time in reflection and reading developing me, next make my priority list for the day, keeping me focused (over a cup of java), then get after it, later hit the gym, and then home to take care of those I love, fall asleep thanking God for the day, both my frustrations and joys.

Our calling is to come along side you, shoulder-to-shoulder, heart-to-heart, and help you master yourself, enter your fear arenas professionally, personally, and relationally calling out your BRAVE and strengthen you to embody certain brave ass virtues needed to persevere life’s adversities.

John R. Hatfield



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