Mettlemen League

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First and foremost YOU must learn how to LEAD YOURSELF. Everything is dependent on this TRUTH.
Join the revolution.

Why be a Mettle Man?

Because life is a BITCH and you need to know how to navigate and when to calibrate your life, your issues, and the adversities with other BRAVE ASS MEN transforming you which has the power to potentially transform everything around you and our world.

Mettle, is a man’s ability to LEAD HIMSELF, coping well with difficulties and to face demanding situations in a spirited and resilient way.

Choose the METTLE MAN LEAGUE, to lock arms with fellow BRAVE METTLE men and to learn the skill and ability to LEAD YOURSELF, coping well with the shit shows of life’s difficulties and to set your face to fight your fight.Develop the resilient character quality of withstanding and recovering from difficult conditions leading to a transformed you.


  1. Learn how to lead your BRAVE Self-daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly creating your life destiny so that you can lead others.
  2. Learn how to BRAVE life’s adversities, the shit shows of life.
  3. Be involved with a community of other BRAVE ASS Men, learning from each other, bettering each other in a BRAVE community.
  4. Identify BRAVE ASS virtues you must embrace, they are non- negotiable
  5. BRAVING your Man Shame, yes we all have man shame that is FU*KING us up royally and we have not been BRAVE enough to enter this arena in our life and deal with it.
  6. BRAVING your unresolved issues that are affecting every relationship in your life negatively.
  7. BRAVE authenticity, the power of humility, honesty, and transparency.
  8. BRAVE fighting, learning how to walk into your designated arena and what it looks like to fight and KICK ASS. will change and you will like what you become.

What You will Get?

Weekly Mettle Man Teaching
Weekly Mettle Man Worksheet
Weekly Mettle Man Conference Call Discussion
Exclusive Access to other Mettle Men for dialogue, encouragement, affirmation, and challenge.
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