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John R. Hatfield

1) What ever happened to being a MAN OF HONOR?

2) Dead Frat Walking.

3) My Father Wound.

4) The Masculine Masquerade.

5) An Organized Life Wins Every Time.

6) A House Divided Against Itself Can Not Survive

7) Betrayal and Break-up Pain.

8) Leadership Always Starts First with Knowing How to Lead Yourself.

9) Boy Drama and Resolving Conflict.

10) Mental and Emotional Wellness.

11) Male Rituals

12) I’m Male but What the Hell Does it Mean to be Masculine?

13)The Right Routine Distinguishes the Best Leader.

14) Living in the Land of Possibilities,

15) The Power of Our Story, Our Narrative.

16) Vulnerability Demands Courage.

17) Step Into That Damn Arena and Fight Your Fight.

18) The Concept of Genuine and Fake Brotherhood.

19) Reinventing Greek.

20) The Seven Key Leadership Questions Every Chapter Needs to Ask and Answer for Success.

21) Responsibility and Accountability, Owning Your Shitshows.

22) Boyhood to Manhood-The Distinguishing Behaviors and Decisions.

23) Defining and Accomplishing Your Purpose, the Reason You Exist.

24) Functional and Dysfunctional Exec Teams.

25) Culture Change Dynamics and Strategies.

26) The Moral Fiber of Grit and Optimism.

27) Man Shame, and its Destructive Consequences.

28) Toxic Brotherhood or Band of Brothers?

29) Teamwork Matters, it Either Makes Your Chapter or Breaks Your Chapter.

30) The Six Most Important Leadership Qualities.

31) Forgiving Yourself, Forgiving Others.

32) How do You Create a Place to Belong?

33) Retention, Factors That Affect it.

34) The Crucible of Brokenness.

35) The Five Drunk Languages.

36) Mental and Emotional Wellness.

37) Our Daily Decision’s Matter.

38) Integrity Decisions, Staying True to Your National Values and Purpose

39) Make Bad Ass Decisions

40) Forge Bad Ass Virtues

41) Does Your Ritual Really Matter?

42) Don’t Tap Out, Forge Resilience.

43) Value Behavior and Development.

44) The Dichotomy of Leadership.

45) Rise Above.

46) The Pack That Always Runs Together.

47) Reinventing Fraternity.

48) The Academic Pandemic.

49) Retention, What is it About Your Experience That They Leave?

50) It Takes Courage, Being Men of Valor.

51) Sacred Brotherhood Conversations.

52) Self-Mastery.

53) Owning Your Shit Storms.

Chapter Advisor/House Corps

I have lead house corps and chapter advisor round tables discussing correct culture, the need for an advisor team, job descriptions, strategy, and building trust.

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  1. Let us Take an Entirely Different Way from the Usual One.

Discovering a New Identity as a Fraternity Advisor

  1. The Chapter Advisor Crisis.
  2. Set Up for Failure.
  3. One is the Loneliness Number.
  4. Development and Training.
  5. Trust and Betrayal.
  6. Aim at Nothing You Hit It Every Time.
  7. Guardian of the Culture.
  8. The Ten Non-Negotiables to Be a Successful Chapter Advisor.


I lead a Recruitment Readiness Retreat. The following are topics I cover. I have led a three hour round table and a full day retreat. Usually, I set up a weekly responsibility and accountability strategy meeting to keep everyone on target after the retreat.

  1. Your Story Has Power.
  2. What is Your Competitive Advantage?
  3. Integrity in Recruitment.
  4. The Power of the Media.
  5. How to Close the Deal.
  6. Eight Questions Parents Ask.
  7. What Are Your Standards for Giving a Bid, Who do You Say NO to?
  8. What are You Looking for in a New Member?
  9. Networking brothers with same interests and majors.
  10. It’s all About a Connection
  11. How Do You Welcome?
  12. What are the Strategic Questions You Need to Ask a Potential and Why?
  13. The Power of First Impression.
  14. How Do You Make Him Feel Like He Belongs, that He Matters?
  15. The Significance of a Right Fit.
  16. Organize or Agonize.
  17. Rejection is Part of the Job.
  18. Weekly Strategy War Meetings.
  19. Compete, Compete, Compete
  20. Recruitment is a Whole House Commitment.
  21. Do Not Let an Ass Hole in Your Chapter.
  22. Authenticity Wins.
  23. We Attract Who We Are.
  24. Eight Key Recruitment Principles.
  25. Net Working and Garnering New Names.
  26. How do We Reach the Thousands of Men in the Residence Halls and Apartments?
  27. It’s all about Selling
  28. Different Fish, Different Fishing Streams, Different Bait.
  29. How Would You Describe Your Brand?

Exec and Officers

I lead a three-hour Exec and Officer Retreat.

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  1. Functional or Dysfunctional Exec Teams, What’s the Difference?
  2. Accountability and Responsibility, Keys to Success.
  3. What is my Job Description Anyway?
  4. Officer Strategy Worksheet and Goals.
  5. Teamwork Matters
  6. Defining and Accomplishing Your Purpose.
  7. Prioritize and Execute.  

Bad Ass Virtues

The things that hurt, instruct

Benjamin Franklin

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Bad ass virtues represent those virtues we as men need to embrace, forge into our lives, honor, and replicate in younger men as well as sharpen each other with. These are the virtues that require the crucible for refining the dross, purifying strength, courage, confidence, resilience, and depth of character. This is what makes them bad ass because they will break us and reshape us on the anvil. They will never be easy to conquer but conquer we must. We must awaken these lost masculine virtues in each one of us and become them allowing them to define us. They give definition to our masculinity a frame, a reference, a routine, a map of true manhood north unleashing our masculine power.

1) Self-Control

2) Commitment

3) Resilience-Don’t Tap Out

4) Sacrifice

5) Discipline

6) Own Your Shit Shows

7) Authenticity

8) Honesty

9) Let It Go

10) Courage

11) Selflessness

12) Bust Your Butt

13) Love

14) Sacred Legacy

15) Initiative

16) Injustice

17) Hope

18) Apology

19) Battle Buddy

20) Self-Awareness

21) Right Habits

22) Setting Standards

23) Giving Respect and Dignity

Published Articles

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  1. Reinventing Greek
  2. Are You Chapter Shifting, Adapting to the New Normal?
  3. The Great Divide Between Philanthropic Giving and Civic Service.
  4. Rhythm, Your Daily Routine Matters.
  5. The Chapter Advisor Crisis
  6. Shame
  7. Mentoring.
  8. Have you Been Invited to the Masquerade, Instilling Honesty in Vailed Organizations.
  9. The Masculine Mystery.
  10. The Crucible of Brokenness.
  11. Leadership First Starts with Knowing How to lead Yoursel
  12. Botched Apologies.
  13. Leading Culture Change.


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