Resilient Actions

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“Resilient people turn fear into courage, suffering into strength, and pain into wisdom.”

Eric Greitens

“There is only one road to human greatness: the road through suffering.”


“Be certain that to you too it is owed to suffer this-To make your life glorious after and through these labors.”

Heracles tells Philoctetes to fulfill his destiny

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”

Ernest Hemingway

“Life has lots of train wrecks, resilient people pick up the pieces and carry on.”

John R. Hatfield

What’s done cannot be undone, and some of what life does to us is harsh. You aren’t going to be the same man you were before a loved one died, your divorce, the loss of a career, a friend’s suicide, rejection by your dad, mom, siblings and children, judgment from others, the emotional, mental, sexual, and physical abuse done to you, you will not recover to the former you. You have a choice, either give up and shut down or move forward and go through it becoming strong.

Resilient people integrate what happened to them, the experience becomes part of creating a healthier and better person.

John R. Hatfield

When suffering, pain, shattering, and the hardships of life happen, some are defeated and discouraged but the resilient become strong in the face of adversity

John R. Hatfield

Resilient people take responsibility and ownership to lead themselves.

John R. Hatfield

“No one has ever been born with resilience, it is a character quality you decide to practice, to forge into your life when life’s misfortunes happen. Resilient people learn how to endure, to be resolute in the trial.”

John R. Hatfield

“Soon enough, reality kicks down your front door, and then you can’t pretend anymore. Pain is real.”

Eric Greitens

“You must confront the brutal facts of your reality”


“We must reflect on the struggle, the adversity, the misfortunes that come our way. We must become intimate with them, not run from them, or hide, to become strong.”

John R. Hatfield

“Heart, my heart, so battered with misfortune far beyond your strength, up and face the men who hate us. Bare your chest to assault of the enemy and fight them off. Stand fast among the beamlike spears. Give no ground.”

Archilochus, a Greek mercenary and poet

“You are becoming what you choose to stand and bear with resolute heart.”

John R. Hatfield

  • Resilient people never give up.
  • Resilient people don’t retreat from pain, suffering, and sacrifice.
  • Resilient people become strong through adversity.
  • Resilient people push through.
  • Resilient people reclaim. 
  • Resilient people reflect and change.
  • Resilient people overcome.
  • Resilient people take personal responsibility for their life
  • Resilient people reinvent themselves
  • Resilient people embrace the new story line 
  • Resilient people rise up when knocked down.
  • Resilient people stand firm.
  • Resilient people have deep convictions.
  • Resilient people make a way.
  • Resilient people put the pieces back together.
  • Resilient people are disciplined.
  • Resilient people are changed survivors.
  • Resilient people have something powerful to offer.
  • Resilient people become strong in the shattered places.
  • Resilient people unmask their false self and embrace the true self
  • Resilient people give honor to the adversity because of the character it forges.
  • Resilient people awaken strength they never knew was there.
  • Resilient people are strong in hope.
  • Resilient people know truth and wisdom because of the wounding
  • Resilient people recover after the incredible strain, but the recovery doesn’t look the same.

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