Like you I have made both wise and foolish, dumb ass decisions. Being vulnerable, transparent,
and honest I believe are daily decisions of choosing to be BRAVE. I am slowly becoming

I’ve been an athlete all my life, wrestling and swim coach, lived in Zambia, spent a summer in
Uganda, taking men every May for the last eight years to Nicaragua for civic service multi-
cultural experience and every July to the Rockies for a leadership initiative weekend. Having
published numerous articles and currently commissioned with Greenleaf press writing a book
on masculinity. Divorced after 21 years and a father of three.


My story involves being broken, and in some instances being hated and shamed. I’ve been the fallen hero and made plenty of mistakes as a husband, father, lover, boss, friend, coach, mentor, and leader. Haven’t we all? I’ve learned through these shit shows to listen better, accept and not condemn, seek to understand, expose my secrets, give love, and to love and accept myself. Humility is good and powerful. Pain has been a bitch as a mentor, but I am grateful for its transformation. Pain gives us the opportunity to become beautiful and healthier or take us into an even darker, false self. I accept it as part of my story.

If you’re looking for the expert, that’s not me, just a man who comes alongside, shoulder-to-
shoulder, heart-to-heart, and soul-to-soul sharing from an authentic place. I love who I am, my
design, and calling, and my evolving, not perfect, sure there are speed bumps, but I’m at peace.

I share my life, my experiences, and train wreaks, not from the position of being the expert, I’m
not that secular guru or evangelical preacher type giving guidelines, pretending to be perfect,
religiously condescending, always right, and totally unrelatable.

We all have a narrative, a story that continues to evolve. I’m a passionate, honest, raw, out of
the box speaker and author. If that’s the type of speaker, workshop presenter, mentor, author
you’re interested in please contact me. I’d enjoy meeting you, listening to your story and
sharing mine!



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