The buck stops here

January 6, 2020 John R. Hatfield 0 Comments


A sign on Harry Truman’s desk read, The Buck Stops Here. As president he knew there wasn’t anyone else to blame. You are the PRESIDENT of your own life, the buck stops with you, there is no one else to blame. Perhaps blame happens when our self-image is so fragile that you can’t look like you made a mistake, so you lie through blaming. Or perhaps blame occurs because of fear, fear of what others will think or say about you. To choose to be responsible for your decisions many times takes humility and of course honesty. Many will not choose these bad ass virtues, but these bad ass virtues applied to your life forge character and is the HALLMARK of the type of leader people respect and want to follow. You must take ownership of your decisions both with others and in your own life, AKA, your personal growth and development, your significant other, your kids, your health, your mental wellness, your work, your emotions, your career, your responses to others, your finances, your pain from adversity, your spirituality, your self-image, and your daily focus.


Are you taking ownership and responsibility for your decisions or blaming others when things go wrong?

Our calling is to come along side you, shoulder-to-shoulder, heart-to-heart, and help you master yourself, enter your fear arenas professionally, personally, and relationally calling out your BRAVE and strengthen you to embody certain brave ass virtues needed to persevere life’s adversities.

John R. Hatfield


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